The mission of LAUNCH is to serve ambitious young adults by mentoring their potential. We assume their passions and foster their ideas while providing the resources to allow them to grow and develop.


Our vision is to see young adults’ dreams realized and goals reached within a supportive environment where open expression is encouraged.

We desire to help nurture innovation, support honesty, promote goal setting, and impart knowledge. Our aim is to shape independent, aware, and driven young adults who lead a life they are proud of.


LAUNCH Young Adults works for society to cultivate a generation of young leaders, thinkers, and doers. We believe that investing in young people and their infinite potential is the foundation to a constructive, creative, and caring society.


  • To listen and develop trusting relationships, and offer a creative expressive outlet to young adults.

  • To encourage young adults to take initiative and work to achieve their personal successes.

  • To provide business assistance to young entrepreneurs.

  • To assist in securing schooling, employment, training, and internships.

  • To encourage, assist in building confidence, and instill a sense of responsibility.

  • To teach young adults the importance of healthy living:

    •  We educate on financial education to encourage a healthy relationship with money and an understanding of earning, saving, investing, and responsible spending.

    • We educate on the importance of healthy bodies and encourage active lifestyles, nutrition information, and mental and physical health support (as needed).


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