Dear Youtube Creators


About a year ago I had the idea to compile all of the moments of honesty and vulnerability I’d seen from YouTube creators. I was inspired by creators who were risking vulnerability and sharing real-life hard truths, personal struggles, and honest thoughts. I admire people who let others in because it takes courage to talk about things in your private life.

Above is my video called “Dear Creators”. The video features twenty YouTube creators’ real-life moments as well as my words.

The purpose of the video is to ask content creators (those featured and the thousands not featured) to join the movement of transparent living. I know Youtubers— vloggers especially— like to upload videos that are happy, positive, and well-edited. We like to keep aesthetically pleasing social media feeds and to snap and tweet the fun and happy parts of our lives. That’s the highlight reel— the collection of picture-perfect, movie-worthy moments we’re grateful to experience, (and that we should have lots of) and there’s nothing wrong with a highlight reel. I sincerely hope you have lots of wonderful moments and memories in life. But the danger of a highlight reel life comes when there’s no balance. When there are no “low-lights”, that’s an inaccurate depiction of a real life, because real life is full of highs and lows. Sharing real moments may mean losing followers or having to deal with haters, but only sharing the good moments is dishonest.

Connection and meaningful conversation happen when you let people in. Just look at the amount and depth of the comments on videos where creators share about things going on in their lives. Those moments resonate deeply with people because we’re not always open or honest about the things we’re dealing with, especially the things that hurt. We convince ourselves that no one can relate to us, and we hide our problems when in reality, there are thousands of people going through similar situations. but there’s value and freedom in sharing, for both the speaker and the listener. So I hope creators continue to put out content that is fun, happy, and visually stunning because most of us do have great lives, and wonderful experiences to share. But I also hope they take the transparency pledge.

This is a call to action for balanced, (not equal) sharing. That means sharing your not-so-good days along with all the great days to remind those watching that you too are human. We know the power the YouTube platform holds and as creators and viewers, we have the power to be the people who remind and encourage others to live transparently.

Let’s be the people who tell our truth and not our business— who are happy instead of faking happy.

We, the most globally connected, technology-savvy generations have the ability to enjoy each other’s happiness and be a source of comfort for each others’ sadness. Pledge to share your reel and your real.


Featured YouTube Creators:
BfvsGf | The Michalaks | SuperwomanVlogs | Gabby- Gabriella Lindley & Gabriella
Joey Graceffa  | Dose of Fousey  | Travis Williams | More Zoella | Kevin Edwards Jr2 & ADayWithKev | WhenTheKidsGoToSleep | Jim Chapman | pixiwoo | BaileyLiving
SamanthaMariaVlogs | Latoya’sLife | SprinkleofChatter | bitsandclips | ProductJunkieXoxo
PsychoSoprano | Grace Helbig


Two Truths. No Lies.

cointracker16I have a friend who doesn’t tell the truth.
I don’t call her a liar, (although that’s what you’d call a person who doesn’t tell the truth) because she doesn’t know she’s lying. To her, she’s telling the truth as she understands things in the moment. It’s not until things go wrong that she realizes she chose to ignore the red flags and warning signs.
After the guy she was head over heels in love with, broke her heart, then she clearly saw the red flags. Post-breakup she told me parts of his story she’d previously left out- his relationship history, the vices he indulged in, his behavior when he got angry.
In the beginning, I was happy for her, I encouraged her to pursue her relationship with him based on what she’d told me, because I believed she was painting a complete and accurate picture of him. When I asked her why she’d left out the ‘bad’ when sharing the ‘good’, she said she thought she was telling the full story. The truth is, she wanted so badly for him to be ‘the one’ that she chose to ignore the things that later eroded their relationship. She lied to herself for so long that she believed it as truth.
Tell yourself the truth, first. The more you lie, the less trustworthy you become.
Ever seen the Youtube challenge tag called, “Two Truths, One Lie”? One person states 3 things and another person guesses which two are true and which is the lie. That’s cute for a harmless video, but it’s detrimental in life. It’s bad enough to lie to other people, but it’s truly damaging to lie to yourself. If you can’t trust you, no one else will either. Tell yourself the truth, your word is all you have.
A lie is anything that erodes a person’s ability to trust you.
Tell the truth no matter how ugly, hard, or how much you wish it were different. Then you can start the work of making the ugly truth, prettier.

Take Alfie For Example

When people want you to be more or to do more, that’s their problem.
Take Alfie Deyes for example since people seem to enjoy making him a target. People place their expectations on him, and then they’re disappointed when he doesn’t rise to meet them. But, he too has a path, and he also has the right to live his life as he chooses. I can easily show you 21-year olds who couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to responsibly handle what he has going for him right now. Just like I could easily find 21-year olds who are doing great, lasting, and impactful work in the world, and who don’t post it.     
The World Needs All Types!
Writers find their voice. Artists find their style. Not everyone’s calling, work, or purpose is the same, and not everyone comes into their own at the same time or age.
Sometimes people want you to come out the gate on level 100. Meanwhile, you’re functioning and gracefully excelling at level 47, steadily climbing to 100, and you have every right to. It’s silly to think that everyone can and should mature at the same age, that they will all at the same time see the world through the same lens, or that all at once they will rise up to revolutionize that world. Allow people the space to grow, mature, and learn at whatever pace their life allows.
It’s one thing to want someone to explore what they’re capable of doing and becoming, and wanting them to dream bigger or to live up to their potential. It’s another thing to beat them down and try to shame or guilt them into being what you define as “more”. If they did it out of shame, guilt, or peer pressure, it wouldn’t be authentic and lasting anyway. The thing is, even when a person reaches whatever level you’ve made up for them, like even if Alfie creates the moving body of work you think he should, there will still be opposition. That opposition will come mainly from those whose fears will be reflected back to them through his success.
Stop sucking the life out of people; it doesn’t make you look tough, it exposes your thoughts about yourself. And stop living through other people. Quit wanting them to ‘get out there’ or ‘put out higher quality content’ when really you’re saying you want someone to do the very thing you’re afraid to. Everyone finds their thing, their work, their passion in their time.
There are followers who…
  1. love everything you do and say, no matter what. They get alerts when you post anything on any platform and ‘like’ everything you post. They think anyone who doesn’t is a hater.
  2. think you should ‘up your game’ and put out higher quality content. They keep up with you even though they say they don’t like you. They can’t stand to watch you and they can’t stand not to, so they can whine about you not being ‘deep enough’ or ‘creating content that matters’.
  3. take and accept you for exactly who you present yourself to be. They know what type of things you post and if they’re in the mood for it, or they genuinely like it, they watch it, ‘like’ it, and/or let you know. When you don’t post, they carry on with their lives and if they don’t like what you post they just go watch something else. But, they want the best for you, so they will let you know when you’ve screwed up. They recognize that you’re an imperfect young adult trying to figure out his or her way in the world, just like them.
People place expectations because they want you to match their ideal you. But that’s their problem. You’ve got enough stuff to handle, don’t carry their bag of expectations around too. Live your life authentically and with integrity. What you do now and who you are now will not be what you do and who you are forever. Enjoy where you are, challenge yourself as to what you can do, and live a life that makes you proud.
*Alfie Deyes was merely the example person I used to reinforce a point. I do not know him personally, and this isn’t a post against or in support of him. Although, just like all of you, I am rooting for him.

Brains & Beauty | Whitney, Louise, Fleur, and Zoë

Nap85, Sprinkleofglitter, fleurdeforce, zoella

Main channels, vlog channels, beauty products, makeup lines, husbands/boyfriends, daughters, pets, brand ambassadors, photo shoots, meet & greets, charities, authors, live events, self-employed, entrepreneurs … ambitious young women.

Isn’t it crazy that not too long ago the masses viewed women as people who could/should just keep house and raise kids, or believed that they weren’t fit to be CEOs, leaders, athletes, or balance a professional and personal life? Ridic.

Whitney, Louise, Fleur, Zoe, four of the best in the biz. I chose to highlight these 4 because not only do they use their platform to inspire, helps others, and earn a living doing what they love, they all do so while maintaining two YouTube channels, a home/family life, and businesses of their own, and they do so graciously.

If makeup, hair, and fashion are your thing, their main channels have all the looks and styles you’ll need, from hair tutorials and product reviews, to sharing some of their favorite items. If you’re more of a reality TV fan, like, REALity or you enjoy watching people live their everyday lives, their vlog channels and videos are where it’s at. Real moments, lazy days, stressful events, panic attacks, exciting weeks, girl problems, bad hair days, parenting fails, genuine excitement, and meeting their viewers in person, they let us in on it all.

Intelligent women who enjoy fashion and nice things but don’t live for it, who aren’t afraid to go bare faced or full makeup, and who empower others to do the same.

Collectively, we feel pride when people whose videos we watch or whose journey we get to witness seize their opportunities and experience whatever their definition of success is. It is inspiring to myself and the millions of young viewers who witness what hard work, dedication, and saying yes to things, even if they’re scary, can bring you.

Kudos to Whitney, Louise, Fleur, and Zoë may this be just the very beginning of your journey. We can’t wait to see you realize your full potential. Thank you for putting great work into the world and motivating others to do the same.

Whitney, Louise, Fleur, and Zoë, may this be just the very beginning of your journey. We can’t wait to see you realize your full potential. Thank you for putting great work into the world and motivating others to do the same.
Strong women

YouTube Thanks

YoutubersFew things make me happier than young people doing things they’re passionate about and making a living doing it; it’s why I created Launch. So, I love YouTube as much as the next person, in fact Launch has brand new content coming to our channel soon because it’s a great platform to spread ideas and share things that matter.
Popular YouTubers started out making videos just for fun or they uploaded something to share with friends or family who were far away. As their views grew, and people began to thumbs up, subscribe, and leave comments, they made more videos. Few of them started out thinking they could earn a living from their videos. No one walked into their bedrooms or kitchens and begged them to start making videos, vlogging their friends and family, or recording themselves playing video games. They started, out of a pure desire to entertain themselves and others, and because of that, they gained a following. Millions of dollars are now earned by people posting their own content for the world to enjoy. Harley even told us so. It’s fantastic to witness, but I wonder…

Has YouTube Become More ME, ME, ME, Than YOU?

I just watched a 9 minute Youtube video and during those 9 minutes the person I was watching told me to follow, add, like, subscribe, comment below, buy, listen to, and watch this other video.
Yo, Son; that’s a bit much! I get it, it’s a business, we all suffer through hearing about Audible, Nature Box, and not skipping Ads because we WANT the YouTubers we watch to succeed. We want them to earn a living by providing us with quality, creative content. But, we don’t want to be seen as a dollar sign and not a human.
Podcasts, merchandise, tours, books, movies, and short films, what better way is there to express yourself, share, and offer ways for people to support you? It’s a dream job, and we collectively, as viewers and subscribers, applaud those who have made it their career. But is it losing the thing that separates YouTube from other media? YouTube is was connection, interaction, immediate responses . . . human.

How Many Followers Have You Interacted With This Week?

There are YouTubers with thousands of followers who never interact with them; they’re mute in their comment section, they don’t favorite, retweet, like, or even say hi (digitally) to their audience. Don’t steal the time, attention, loyalty, and hearts of people. Please know that your core audience and demographic are some of the most malleable, easily influenced minds; treat them fairly. You don’t have to reach every person, one person a day and that’s 365 lives you’ve touched in a year! All of this is voluntary, we don’t owe you anything and you don’t owe us, we know. But, if you’re going to put your work out into the world, and if we’re going to watch, spread your message, read your book, watch your movie, buy your products & merch, and listen to your podcast, some sincere gratitude would go so far that you’d never have to ask people to share your stuff again. They’d willingly do it without you even having to ask.
A three-second, free gesture means more to your followers than any profit you earn. People go crazy when someone they look up to retweets them or favorites their comment or picture. Relationship Marketing: cultivate connections, treat humans like humans and watch how willingly they’ll support and repay you. People want you to succeed, they want your book to be number, one, they are proud to watch you and be subscribed to your channel.
Retweet something, click on their IG account and like a picture, or when you’re bored, DM one of them and ask them how their day was. Be human, connect; the majority of them will never meet you in person, and that one gesture will mean more to them than you could ever imagine. Stay as connected as you can. You aren’t THAT busy.
Oh, and SAY THANK YOU! But only if you truly mean it.