I’ve Failed You

I feel bad because I think I’ve failed you. I failed to provide you with the education you need, I failed to effectively help you solve your problems, and I failed to make this website and organization an actual resource. I didn’t meant to. I didn’t realize until recently how much deeper my work here should go.

Launch was legally formed in 2013; there was 6 years of work, reading, writing, trying, and failing before that and there has been more of the same since. On July 1, 2016 I made the decision to join a community of like-minded thinkers. I joined a group where global creatives and entrepreneurs gather online to teach and learn from each other. Joining has been wonderful and overwhelming because I realized how much I wasn’t doing. I did what I tell you, find people who think like you, but who are smarter than you, (meaning who can offer you an objective opinion and advice based on their outside viewpoint) and that’s what this group is for me.

Through the sharing of their stories, work, and struggles, I have realized that Launch Young Adults needs a change. Change is good when it’s the result of growth and insight. 

October 1, 2016 the changes will kick off with a new website look. The new site will reflect Launch’s new mission, premiere new blog post content, and a new video series. Launch is an educational resource and the website will be a hub, a library of all things real-life; free and paid courses, ebooks and published books, stories from ambitious young adults like you, and an actionable weekly newsletter.

The new, focused, mission means I’ll be able to help more of you, and in turn, you’ll be able to help others. 

Thank you for sticking with me through years of clouded attempts, major failures, and small successes. I’m tempted to delete every blog post and video I’ve posted in the past, but it’s all part of the journey.

If you’ve ever asked yourself or someone else, what is Launch? Thank you. I have asked myself that as well, and not having an answer challenged and drove me to concretize the abstract. I knew I wanted to help and I knew who I wanted to help, but I didn’t get clear enough on how best to help and of what value I could be to the people the work served. I encourage you to do the same with whatever you’re working on or struggling with; start at the finish-line of your success and then walk backward until you reach the work you can do today.

See ya soon!




The dip.
The valleys.
The middle of the day.
The end of a long week.
What quitters call the end.

The dark and lonely hours.
The first few years of business.
When giving up seems like the only way to remain alive.
Those are the days.
Those are the times.
Those are the make or break moments that separate the pack.
Remind yourself of the things that are true, because right now you’re all emotions.
Emotions deceive; emotions will tell you that you’re too tired, too sad, hopeless, stuck.
Your mind will attempt to convince you to give up, to throw in the towel, to call it quits, that there are easier ways.
That it’s ok because you won’t be the first or the last to try and fail, that you tried hard and you deserve to stop now.
That is when you have to be quiet.
Find a space & take a moment to dial into the core of you.
Find the truth of why you started, why it’s worth fighting for.
This is when you feel the emotions, but you don’t act in response to them.
These are the days, the weeks, the times that lead to success.
These moments are why so many people live beneath their means, below their potential, unhappy and unfulfilled.
It is up to you to decide; feel your way through the dark, step on the truth that you can’t see, but you know is there.
Remember the last time something felt impossible to overcome, that it’d never happen, you’d never reach your goal?
It ended.
You survived.
It will happen again.
You will come out of it again.
Equipped with even more knowledge.
Even more self-awareness, and resolve.
These things, these moments, these times are supposed to happen.
It would be nice to see everyone who started, finish, but it doesn’t happen.
It’s only those who endure the scrapes, the bruises, the fire, the calluses, the dip, the tribulation, the darkness.
Only they come out as gold.
I. Give. Up.
I give up the idea that life is easy.
I give up believing that being a good person is enough.
I give up the habit of allowing false beliefs and emotions to bring me down.
I give up trying to understand why things don’t turn out the way I wanted them to.
I. Will. Work.

I dare you to fail


That’s not a challenge to prove that you can fail.

It’s more of challenge to prove that you aren’t afraid to try or to fail.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 6.46.52 PM

I was listening to some new music today and I was thinking about the artist whose journey brought him to the point where, what he’d once dreamt of and worked hard for has now found his words being spoken into my ears.

How many times did he fail? How many days did he just say ‘forget it’ and take the easy road, one of fruitless employment, unfulfilling relationships, soothing and comfort in food, drugs, alcohol, etc. I don’t know if those were ever things this artist faced, but I know others many do.

No one ever starts out with the goal of failing. Failing is something people go to great extents to avoid. It isn’t fun, it never feels good, and it CAN be defeating. Of course, there’s the other side of the coin, failure teaches and offers opportunities for change and growth.

576646_430445216974511_779505927_nI dare you to be brave enough to fail. Your dreams, your goals, the life you want for yourself is going to require work. It will be tough, it may take a while, but it will be worth it. You won’t die in the process, so there’s no excuse.

Cowards make excuses.

55450639132445857_bJadcQBk_cFailing ain’t Fun.

Yup, AIN’T.

It feels terrible to try and not ‘succeed’.

That doesn’t mean you can’t start again though.

Failing at something can be discouraging. It can make you feel like you’ll never succeed at anything and it can cause you to doubt yourself and your abilities… but, only if you LET it.


I was watching a little girl ride her bike yesterday and she fell a couple of times and her younger sister asked “Why do you keep falling?” Without skipping a beat, the older sister simply said, “I’m still learning.”

That little girl and her honest and innocent answer put me right in my place.

She understood the learning curve that sometimes happens (and is sometimes necessary).

She didn’t kick the bike, walk off, and swear to never ride again, not even when she scraped her knee.

She simply assessed the damage, recognized what caused her crash, and got back on the bike. Thanks Princesstard.

When you ‘fail’, (and I add the quotes because sometimes things that seem like failures in the moment don’t turn out being such) you learn, you toughen up.


When you get back up and try again, you inspire.

So, get back on the bike. Do great work. Fail, and try again. We need you to succeed. The world is waiting on you.