Dear Youtube Creators

About a year ago I had the idea to compile all of the moments of honesty and vulnerability that I had seen from YouTube creators. I put that idea off for a while because it seemed like the amount of time it would take to compile all those clips could be time better spent creating something of my own.
Last week, after seeing another creator share a real-life hard truth, I decided it was a video worth making and would be time well-spent. I looked through my YouTube subscription box and found YouTubers who had uploaded videos where they shared something personal, got honest about things on their mind, and who’d risked vulnerability and let their viewers in. People don’t talk about the hard things going on in their private lives, so when someone does, especially someone with a large following, I remember.
I chose 20 YouTube creators I’m subscribed to and featured their real-life moments as well as my words in a video called, “Dear Creators” that is on the Launch youtube channel.
The purpose of the video is to ask content creators (those featured and the thousands not featured) to join the movement of transparent living. I know Youtubers, vloggers especially, like to upload videos that are happy, positive, and well-edited. And I know we all like to keep aesthetically pleasing social media feeds and to snap and tweet the fun and happy parts of our lives. That is the highlight reel, the collection of picture perfect, movie-worthy moments that we are grateful to experience and that we should have lots of. There’s nothing wrong with a highlight reel, I sincerely hope you have lots of wonderful moments and memories in life.
The danger of a highlight reel life comes when there’s no balance. When there are no “low-lights”, that’s an inaccurate depiction of a real life, because real life is full of highs and lows. I mean, I get it, sharing real moments may mean losing followers or having to deal with haters, but only sharing the good is dishonest.
Some of the best conversations occur as a result of letting people in. Look at the amount and depth of the comments under videos where creators share about things going on in their lives. Those moments resonate deeply with people because we’re not always open or honest about the things we’re dealing with. We convince ourselves that no one can relate to us, and we hide our problems, when in reality, there are thousands of people going through similar situations.
I know the value, benefits, and freedom that come from sharing, for both the person opening up and those who listen. I hope you, as a creator continue to put out content that is fun, happy, and visually stunning because you do have a great life, most of us do, and I like watching what you upload. I hope you will take the transparency pledge. This call to action is a call for balance, not sharing one moment of pain for every moment of happiness, because hopefully your life contains an abundance of happy. Balance, not equal, meaning an honest sharing of your your not-so-good days amidst all the great days to remind those watching, that you too are human.
We know the power the YouTube platform holds. We have a powerful potential to start a movement, to be the people who no longer push their issues aside or ignore them, but who face what’s going on and to seek help with resolving them. Let’s be the people who tell our truth and not our business and who are happy instead of faking happy.
You can find the pledge page at\pledge; it’s a simple call to action I hope you’ll live by. We, the most globally connected, technology savvy group of people have the ability to enjoy each other’s happiness and be a source of comfort for each others’ sadness. Pledge to share your reel and your real.
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