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What Will People Say About You?

Before a book begins the author will include a prologue before chapter 1. The prologue is a short section that provides background information or additional information that helps you understand the upcoming story and/or characters better.
Some things were determined for you before you were born. You didn’t get to choose your physical features, whom your parents would be, your birthplace, ethnicity, and other parts of who you are. Those parts of your story are important, they make you who you are at a very basic level, and they’re parts of your story you cannot change. Someone else wrote your prologue.
The prologue of your life is all the parts of your story that were decided for you. 
Imagine yourself as the lead character in a bestselling book. Your prologue has been written, so there is no value in dwelling on those parts or using them as a crutch or excuse. You’re the author now and you get to pick the characters in your life, (and which characters need to be written out, and when) you can decide how you’ll overcome obstacles, defeat your antagonist, and prevail.
You hold the pen and therefore possess the power to write the story of your life. The things in your prologue, such as who raised you and where matter little. What matters most is your ability to decide. Your power comes in choosing whom you want to be and what work you want to put into the world.
What do you want the story of your life to be?
Write what you want to be read about you, and take action today in that direction.

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