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Coming Soon! ReLaunch


I’m excited to share with you that Monday, October 3rd 2016 will be the official relaunch of the Launch Young Adults website.

For years now I’ve blogged, taught, mentored, written newsletters, created videos, and used social media to encourage, inspire and motivate ambitious young adults. I felt called to this work after 7 years of teaching some awesome kids and seeing how much potential they had and failing to find a person or organization to help them reach said potential.

In the beginning, Launch focused around entrepreneurship, health & nutrition, and financial literacy because those were 3 areas in which I felt young people were undereducated. While those three subjects are still important, I realized that before any of that, before I encouraged you to find work you love and to discover your purpose, there was a preliminary step I’d missed.

In my life I noticed a pattern of adults who loved their families and loved their work, but who weren’t fulfilled or happy. Those adults had gone their whole lives sweeping their problems under the rug in hopes that ignoring them would make them go away. I saw young people repeating the bad habit they saw their parents doing, of pretending. I witnessed this awesome generation of ambitious, creative young people learning to mask.

I was focused them on the big picture, when the little picture wasn’t yet complete. So, I zoomed in and narrowed my focus. I looked at what was beneath the two goals every ambitious young person I’ve ever asked has told me they wanted, “to be happy and successful”.

The problem is, you, the most globally connected, technology savvy, and ambitious group of young creatives fail every day to put great work into the world. You fall short of living up to your potential because adults have unknowingly taught you how to suppress pain, hide hurt, and mask fear. Fixing that bad habit is the precursor to happiness and success (whatever your definition of those are).

Launch, will now transition from being a glorified blog to a teaching platform offering membership, paid courses, and free content for the young and hungry who are willing to be honest with themselves, live a transparent life, and work hard toward achieving success and happiness that fulfills them.

I’m excited for you to benefit from the stories I’ll share (from my life and the lives of others like you) and to see and hear of the positive changes the new content here will have on your life.


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