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How To Be Rich

The NBA players getting new contracts right now, they’re rich. The people signing their paychecks, they’re wealthy. But this isn’t about how to get rich, this is how to be rich.

Rich In…
Wealth Of…

The people you see on YouTube with lots of subscribers, and who are able to earn a great living by making videos, they began with non-money related intentions. They found something that filled a void, met a need, or that seemed fun and worth giving a try, and they kept at it.

When you create something because you love it, because you can’t not create it, you are both rich and wealthy. Just like video content creators who’ve been at it for years. They are rich in experience and have a wealth of knowledge, they’ve put in the time, they’ve created a system and consistently meet their goals. They found something that excited them and because they’re passionate about it, stay consistent, and share what they do, others now look forward to what they do.

It’s summertime (for most of you), and while you have every right to take 3 months off and relax, DON’T! Get up, eat some fruit, drink some water, and do something. Learn something new, go somewhere you can afford, make a new friend, start a business, the thing you see other people doing and are envious of or wish you could do, try it.

Start something. Do something. Make a difference. Matter. Don’t just exist.

Wealth is created. Riches accrue. 


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