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Saying Goodbye to Greatness

#COINTRACKER16 (1)Kobe | Peyton | Ali | MJ | Prince |
and just today, Kimbo Slice
What is it about saying goodbye to greatness?
What does them leaving bring up in us?
Is it because retiring reminds us of our ever-aging bodies or that death reminds us of our mortality?
Is it sadness that we’ll never see another like them in our time? Or fear that our kids will never witness anything like them?
There’s something so rewarding and honorable about going out on top. Whether walking away from your job after years of hard work or passing away after years of producing great work. When the great ones leave us, we are sad to see them go, and simultaneously glad we got to watch them.
While you may not have dreams of being a professional athlete or famous singer, strive to go out on top. Whatever you’re involved with today, whatever you wish to be a part of or create in the future, give it your all. Not so that you can be remembered or so that people will make you a trending hashtag. Not so they’ll call you the GOAT (Greatest of All-Time), but do it for you.
Leave it all out there so that you can know that whatever you put your heart and mind to, that you gave it your all.
Saying goodbye to the greats is a cultural event because those people represent times in our lives, memories, and they are motivators to show and remind us that we too can be great and go out on top.
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