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Why You’re Ugly

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I used to work with a guy who thought he was the absolute best thing to ever walk the earth. The dude had a hard time understanding why not every woman who came in contact with him didn’t fall at his feet. To me, he wasn’t all that attractive to begin with, but once you got to know him, it didn’t take long to figure out why exactly he didn’t garner the female attention he thought he deserved. He was ugly. He didn’t look ugly, he was ugly.

His internal beauty, his attitude, and demeanor made him ugly.

He was a prick to say the least, so any ounce of cuteness or attractiveness he had going for him dissolved when he spoke or when you observed his actions.

Beauty is always about more than looks. The things people consider when they determine whether or not someone is beautiful are things that we had nothing to do with. None of us had any say in our eye color, nose size, height, nothing. So the things you can control, the things that you say and do, those are what make you ugly.

Your internal beauty far outshines any combination of facial features that others may deem beautiful.


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