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The picture above is the first page of the first journal I remember having. My mom bought it for me and it’s full of terrible handwriting, bubbles as the dot over i’s, and backwards letter f’s because at the time, that was the cool way to write. But, I loved it, I loved having a place to write down all my thoughts, quotes, lyrics, and sometimes drawings.
Until I opened this book to write this post I never remembered saying that I wanted to be a writer. It made me both sad and happy to see that. Sad, because had I stayed on the writing path and honored that childhood passion, I might have figured out my career earlier in my life. Happy because although I strayed from it, I found my way back to my childhood passion.
I was a huge sports fan back then, these days I still enjoy sports, but I spend more time working toward my dream than I do watching others live out theirs. I loved and still love Psychology and the study of the mind and behavior. So, it makes perfect sense that I would have combined it all and want to write commercials or interest pieces for athletes.
The paragraph in the middle of the page is my favorite part:
“You know how at the end of major sports competitions, like the basketball championship, or the World Series how they go back and take out all the glory moments, and the funny moments, etc and they kind of show them real slow and they always put them to music and no matter what it is, it always comes out nice? Well that’s what I want to do.”
It speaks so much to what I currently love doing and again, it makes me sad that I dishonored that part of me. But, I am now using this as my motivation. Now, I use my words and my flair for the dramatic to inspire, encourage, and tell the stories of ambitious young adults.

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