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30 videos | 30 days

I’ve set forth a challenge for myself, to upload 30 videos in 30 days.
Because it’s so easy to not to.
For me, it’s easy to wait until I have learned it all, or to not make posts, videos, tweets, public until I think they’re the best they could possibly be.
I’m not a perfectionist. But, I like things I do to look decent and sometimes, as my own worst critic, that can stop me from doing, from creating.
So, I set myself a challenge that will not only get what I want to say out, but that will force me to do so with sometimes, sub-par components. Blurry or shaky footage, grammatically incorrect phrasing, etc. because if I wait until everything is perfect, I may never do it.
Every day for the next thirty days I will be uploading simple,relatable, actionable 1-minute videos with 100 spoken words, and video footage shot by me, onto the Launch YouTube channel.
I invite you to subscribe to the channel and I hope it encourages you to do the things you believe in, that you love, and that make you happy, and then gift them to the world, even if they aren’t perfect.

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