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Worth The Risk

Louise Pentland
We were given the emotion/feeling of fear.
It’s natural and we need it.
Fear keeps us alive, like it did caveman.
Fear is where ‘fight or flight’ comes in.
But, fear doesn’t have its own mind.
Fear doesn’t know the difference between a lion coming to attack us and moving to a new state.
It just knows the signals, the cues, the anxiety, the unknown, the unfamiliar.
Luckily, you came with a mind and you have the ability to control and dictate your thoughts.
So, just because something feels scary, doesn’t mean you should avoid it.
Sometimes things are scary because of the story we tell ourselves about it, about what could happen.
Every person who starts a new school, moves house, begins a new career, has a baby, first learns to drive, they all experience a level of fear. But, before you know it, the once scary thing, is now a habit and isn’t scary at all.
Tough things require you to take risks. Sometimes calculated risks and other times spontaneous decisions that bring great rewards.
So, if won’t kill you, go for it.
The life you have dreamt of, the things and people you want are probably waiting for you.

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