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Do The Work

G E T  T O  W O R K
This post is just as much of a kick in the butt reminder for me as it is you.
I’ve been on a writing break for about 6 weeks now. I dunno, I just couldn’t find my mojo, I didn’t have anything to write about or anything I felt was worth reading. I don’t know why it started, but I’m glad it’s over. Maybe I just needed to spend some time being and not doing, and for that I am appreciative.
This morning I woke up refreshed, ready, and wanting to write, and that’s always a good sign.
For about 9 months now I’ve been writing a book. I had the idea late last summer and I started writing a little bit of it every day. I have over 80,000 words, which after editing, changing my mind, and adding, would probably end up being about 60,000 words. And while that would be enough for a substantial book, it’s not all I have to say. Luckily, I’m not limited to writing just one book, but there can’t be a book 2 unless I write book 1.
So, why haven’t I written it yet? Fear of course. Yup, me the person who works tirelessly to inspire, motivate, and teach others to feel fear and do it anyway, has been allowing fear to keep me from doing the work.
After a conversation with a friend last week I realized that I’ve been making excuses. I was telling myself that I didn’t know how to get it published (although a simple google search could teach me and I could very easily learn the process of self-publishing). I had decided that I’d wait for the opportunity or person to present itself/themselves and then I would finish the book. But the truth of the matter is, when the opportunity or person presents itself, I need to be ready. I can’t say, “Oh, you’ll help me or publish for me? Great, just give me three months to finish it and I’ll send it to you.” and expect them to wait for me.
So, I realized that I need to do the work. I must, at every opportunity, be doing everything within my power to set myself up for success. I can’t claim to want something so badly, and then not do all that I can to prepare for it. That means eliminating excuses, overcoming procrastination, and doing the work, no matter what.
At the end of the day, I can turn it over to the divine powers that be. I can pray for it, wish for it, put it on my vision board, and wait for it, but only after I’ve done the work. Why would I be rewarded with something I haven’t put forth the effort to produce first?
Whatever your thing is, do the work. If it takes 2, 5, or 10 years for the opportunity, the money, or the exposure to come, you’ll be ready when it happens.

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