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Ready To Rumble

You will be rejected.
Sometimes the thing you want, you won’t get.
Sometimes you’ll get a flat out “no”.
Being the best person for the job isn’t always enough.
Some things require you to fight for them.
Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty.
Feel angry, be hurt, and cry.
And then, fight.
Fight for a ‘yes’.
Fight to get a second chance.
Fight for an opportunity to show or speak or do.
Fight for the thing you worked so hard for.
Everything won’t come easy. Most things will require a lot of consistent hard work. And ever after all that, you still may not get it or be given a chance. But it doesn’t always end there. Lace up your gloves, get back in the ring, and fight for it. There’s usually more than one way to have what you want, so find another way. Fix what’s broken, improve, grow, makes changes; just don’t stop at “no.”

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