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Control and Power

Two years ago I put up a post called, Power and Control. That post was based on the quote pictured above which I heard in a car commercial. I decided to revisit that quote and post today because I think it’s worth repeating.
A few years ago I struggled with anger issues and although it seems like anger would make you feel strong and powerful, especially in the heat of the moment, it didn’t. In fact, the anger made me feel weak and then feeling weak made me angry and the cycle repeated itself. It wasn’t until I took the time to understand the anger, the cause of it and how to deal with it that I truly felt powerful.
When I learned to exercise control, I felt like Thor. I mean I felt like I could have pulled that sword from that stone with my pinky, I felt so strong. It was empowering having the knowledge and ability to choose more pleasant thoughts and actions than anger.
If you want to feel powerful, exercise control. Easier said than done, but worth doing.
Self-control with what you DO: Choose the actions that get you closer to your goals when you really just want to take a nap.
Monitor what you SAY: If it isn’t true or helpful, if it doesn’t improve the silence, shut your trap.
Change what you EAT: If you know you shouldn’t, if you can make it for cheaper, if you’ll regret it later or your trainer would smack it out of your hand, eat its opposite.
Control is the ultimate expression of power, and you know how much you love to be in power.

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