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We Don’t Need Easy Lives

Easy Schmeasy.
heinleinEasy lives are for wimps. The straight and narrow path, the always have the answers, never a grey sky or hard day… who needs that?
Not you. You need the sucky days, the situations that you can’t believe you’ve found yourself in, the moments when there’s absolutely no one to talk to or tell, the ‘toughest time of my life’ kinda weeks. That’s the stuff worth living through.
Great days, success, easy weeks, direction, hope, all that is fantastic, feels great, and it’s what we want. But the flip side of that, those are the things that force us to problem solve, to challenge our beliefs, to form our own opinions, to test our strength, and that hand us a medal of honor at the finish line.
Hate not the times when you feel lost, scared, or alone. Don’t run from the unknown, the scary, the new and the solo adventures.
One day, the dream, the goal, the big great idea you had is going to be before you. The opportunity that you’ve wished for will be presented to you, and the fear and realness of it happening will make you wanna puke. But, when it happens, go for it. Just get out there and try it. Give it all you can, your best effort, and if you fall, if you fail, if they laugh, great. People who do nothing are the people you’ll never hear of, they’ll never create something great, they’ll never change the world or the life of another person. We don’t need any more of those types of people.
We need you. Even if you don’t yet know what you want to do yet.

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