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Dear Future Me

Five years from now…
Who will you be?
What will you be doing?
What will you have accomplished?
Scroll through pictures or posts and see who you were, what you were doing, or who was most important in your life years ago. Does it feel like that time went by fast?
Right now, five years from now probably feels like a long time, but before you know it, it will be January 2020. What do you hope will change in the future? Who do you hope to be in 3, 5, 10 years?
Future Me is a website that allows you to send your future self an email. If you’re graduating in a few years, if you plan to start a new job, to get married, have a kid, own a business, etc. Wish your future self a happy 30th birthday and make note of who you are and what you like the day you wrote it. Offer yourself encouragement, advice, or a reminder. Send yourself an email to read, a private message from the you of today to the future you.
Example Letter:
January 28, 2020
Dear Future Me,
I hope things are going well. Right now you have 5 months left of school and you are going to work through the summer. Things at home are bearable but hopefully by the time you’re reading this, things have improved. How’s David? Are you guys still together? And if not, are you happy being single or with someone who treats you well? I hope so, because you deserve to be. Have you met those three big goals you set for yourself, and if not, why not? Get a move on. I just wanted to send you this email to encourage you to keep trying things, even when they are hard. Be nicer to yourself and kinder to others.
Take Care.

When checking the Twitter tag #DearFutureMe I found that YouTuber Troye Sivan made a video titled ‘Dear Future Me’. I started to delete this post because of that, but… the more the merrier right?
Here’s his.

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