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Invest & Deposit

When you deposit more money into your bank account than you withdraw, you always have money available.
When you spend more time investing in relationships and people than in things, you will always have a friend.
It’s the time of year when people make lists and check them twice, to buy gifts for people they love.
It is kind, loving, and gracious to think of others and to do things that you think will make them happy.
It is also worthwhile, lasting, and fulfilling to nurture relationships, to connect, and to invest.
From about senior year of high school until the year after college graduation, major changes and transitions happen. Boyfriend, girlfriend, and best friend relationships change; new people enter your lives, childhood friends move, you outgrow some people and others you stop hearing from. As new people enter your life, remember that they are worth more than anything you can buy. Cultivate relationships with people, spend more time than money, create more memories than bills.
Are you the person who is there for everyone else, but that no one is ever there for?
Have you ever wished you had a friend who treated you as well as you treat them?
If you know how that feels, be mindful that someone doesn’t feel that way about you.
Because in the end, it’s the people, the memories, and the relationships that make up a fulfilling & happy life.
Fill people up more than you drain them.
Give to people before you take from them.

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