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Your Words Reflect You

D-E-F-I-N-E-2The saying goes, “What Sally says about Susie says more about Sally than it does about Susie.”
I don’t know not a one Sally or Susie, so let’s say…
“What Mia says about Lia says more about Mia than it does about Lia.”
  • What is going on or NOT going on in Mia’s life?
  • Why does she have enough time and energy to form opinions about what things Lia’s doing?
  • Why does she care so much about stuff that have no effect on her life?
  • And who are these friends of hers willing to listen to her talk about it all?
  • Mia talking about Lia does not spread information about Lia; all it does is show the type of person Mia really is.
  • Mia is probably trying to distract you from seeing her issues, or the fact that she feels some type of way about herself, but she would rather you focus on Lia instead.
  • Mia is a scared punk, and a chump.
Don’t be a Mia. 
(No hard feelings to anyone named Mia)

One response to “Your Words Reflect You

  1. nna0325

    Haha this is spot on!

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