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Courage & Confidence | Troye & Jim

Grass is greener’ type people assume that people who have what they don’t have, don’t have any problems. Overweight peeps think skinny peeps got it made. You chumps who think you’re ugly think attractive people have no problems. Broke folk think rich people never lose sleep. And so on.

But, let me school you for a sec… We ALL have ‘stuff’. We all, as humans trying to navigate life, gain an understanding of ourselves, and figure out our place and purpose in the world, we all experience difficulties, suffer from insecurities, and deal with doubt, fear, and being afraid of being vulnerable (among other things). The great thing is though, most of us have great lives, so those moments or issues don’t consume us, but man are they strong when they do rise up.

I chose Troye Sivan and Jim Chapman (and chose to post them together) because both of them exemplify what it is to be talented, healthy, attractive, and kind, and STILL experience doubt, low self-esteem, fear, etc. BUT neither of them has allowed those to stop them.

Imagine the amount of courage, vulnerability, strength, resolve, and confidence it takes to share your life, talents, and experiences with the world. Every time you choose to upload, you open yourself up to comments and criticism and if you’ve ever scrolled through the comment section of a YouTube video, you know that place alone is enough to make someone never want to upload anything. However, just like the lows in life that are outnumbered by the highs, the number of people who support them and who find motivation, entertainment, and inspiration from their videos is enough to make them want to continue to share.

Here’s the thing, no one HAS to do anything. YouTubers who lend their name or voice to causes, organizations, or charities do so because they choose to. Whether it’s good publicity for them, makes them look good, or if they’re getting paid for it, it’s still their choice. There are PLENTY of people who choose not to do anything that benefits or helps others.

Launch Young Adults was built upon the word and concept; potential. And we’re proud to highlight Troye Sivan and Jim Chapman. Two ambitious young adults who personify what it means to choose courage over fear and confidence over doubt. We wish them all the best and we can’t wait to see what’s next for them. We know it will be great.

Troye has chosen to use his platform to inspire others, raise attention for good causes, AND to live out his dreams. Not only has Troye decided to take his stance in the world and live authentically as who he is, he has gone so far as to use his acting and singing skills and put great art out into the world. We love it; what’s better than earning a living from work you love, gaining a tribe of followers whom you can positively influence & encourage, and use that platform to help bring awareness to social issues, illnesses, and organizations. Nothing’s better, oh yea, except authentic happiness and peace.

I love when people look fear in the face and do things anyway. Jim is the guy not afraid to tell the world that he hasn’t (and maybe still isn’t) the most confident person. He has shared his story of an abusive and absent father, and still greets his best friends with a genuine smile every day on his channels. Jim continues to use his voice to bring attention to causes, organizations who raise money for illnesses and conditions, and shows us what a 21st century stand up guy looks like and that they actually do exist. Plus, I mean, he’s got that GQ swag. Jim has potential written all over him and we’re glad he’s leaning into it.


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