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All That Power

The Power TO changeAccording to Kanye, no one man should have all ‘that’ power. (But, he doesn’t run stuff ’round here.)

You’re more powerful than you even know; or, maybe you do know, but don’t yet know how to use it. Like those kids in that movie Sky High, remember that?

The great things, the happy thoughts, the good times, those aren’t things we usually want to change. So, what’s the stuff that sucks in your life? The things, people, feelings, or behaviors you wish you could change it? Does your attitude suck? Are you always making excuses, lying, procrastinating? Do you think you aren’t smart enough? Do you feel angry all the time?

Yo, you can do something about all of that crap. You can be a person who recognizes that they have the power to change, and actually do it. You may not be able to change your parents, your school, or your hair texture, but there’s plenty you can change. For starters, you can change everything you think about those things, along with everything else in your life you wish were different.

Don’t be one of those people who is known for complaining, but never doing. Or a person who goes their entire life wishing things were different, but never actually trying something different.

You have the power to change how you feel about things and how you behave. All you gotta do, is change the things going through your head. Yup, the power you have is as easy as turning the channel on the TV or switching stations on Pandora. That’s it. All this time, and the very thing you needed was sitting right up there in that dome of yours.

Let’s practice…

“Ugh…I’m so pissed! My parents never let me do anything I want to do.”

I feel pissed because I can’t get my way.

Feeling: Pissed off (angry, mad, etc)

Thought: I can’t get my way. = I’m not important.

But, you know you’re important, silly. You know your parents want nothing but the best for you and that they probably want to keep you safe. They may not have the time or money you want to do this time, and there’s plenty of things that they do allow you to do.

So, chill. Be pissed for a few seconds, then think about that new ___ your peeps bought you not too long ago, how happy you were when you go it, the fact that you don’t even know where it is right now, and realize your parents love you, sometimes, especially when they tell you no. And most of all that you are important and no one was born to ruin your life.

See, it’s that simple, just change the channel in your head. Instead of listening to ‘I can’t get my way TV’, change to the ‘I’m good, maybe next time’ network.

It ain’t fun and it ain’t always easy, but the point is, whether you want to stop an unwanted feeling or change a bad habit, all you gotta do is tap into that power and change what you think.

That is one example, but you start today, and we’ll practice more later.

Do good. Be well.


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