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Money Mindset

D E F I N E (2) copy 2You mind your business; you are all about your personal and professional business. You don’t spend time gossiping, worrying, or getting involved in others people’s business cuz you’re too focused and too busy handling your stuff. Sweet! But…

[blockquote cite= type=”center”]Do You Mind Your Money?[/blockquote]

Are you equally as focused on knowing where your money goes?
The last time you were paid or gifted with money, what did you do with it?

Money’s one of those things that when you have it and when you don’t, you always want more of it. But why? What do you need more of it for? And, how much of it is enough?

Money Beliefs:

  • Money is a tool.

  • Money is evil.

  • The love of money is the root of all evil.

  • Money separates.

  • Money is freedom.

  • Money is the motive.

  • Money is not everything, it’s the only thing.

  • Money is no object.

The list goes on.

Do you frivolously spend? Save little to no money? Borrow instead of spending only what you have?

At Launch, we believe that part of living transparently and being healthy includes a healthy bank account and understanding of money. Financial education isn’t always readily available or easily understood.

So, we’re starting our own series on money to help you learn how to handle your money. It’s the first step to building wealth, and not just getting rich.

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for the money series, beginning in October 2014.


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