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Just Say Hello


Do you have any friends?

Are you one of those people pretends to be proud of that? Do you secretly wish you had a close group of people to share your life with? We’re built for connection, you should feel that way.

You know those articles and advertisements saying that social media has made us less social? Well, I don’t know if they’re true or not, I actually never read one, (I’m more of a headlines skimmer).  But I do think that the more we rely on having a pocket full of strangers (people who follow you and whom you follow on social media) the more likely we are to believe that we aren’t alone, lonely, or without friends, and the more we justify not making real relationships.

You know how you can feel like the people on your favorite TV show are your friends?  Newsflash, they don’t even know you exist, so there is no real relationship there. However, there are lots of people you walk by, have class or work with, every day who are real, who have a story, who want and need a friend, and who would be cool to hang out with.

So, stop being a scaredy cat chump and say hello. It’s not corny or lame to straight up walk up to someone and say what’s up, to compliment someone whom you think looks nice, or to ask someone their name and spark up a conversation. Don’t be afraid that it’ll be awkward or that you’ll be awkward, you will most definitely be awkward, but it’s ok. It won’t kill you.


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