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Motivation to Habit

Being motivated is easy.

A fiery presidential debate, a great movie, an exciting concert, a good book, watching someone win at life. All those things can motivate you, make you do some air fist pumps, and hype you up. It doesn’t take much to be motivated, but it takes work to take that motivation and turn it into action, and even more work to keep going when the motivation fades.


The amount of times it takes for something to become a habit varies, but it’s somewhere between 21 times and 10,000 hours.

The point is, the only way for something to become a habit is to do it consistently. Think about all the bad habits you have, you probably can’t count how many times you’ve done them, you just know they’re things you do. Luckily, the same works when you’re trying to make something positive a new habit in your life.

October starts tomorrow, try three new things. Be consistent and for the next 31 days, do them every single day. Put a habit tracker app on your phone and it will gladly remind you every day. Start small, son’t want you to go into shock by becoming some super responsible person overnight. Jk.

For example.

The point is, try. Like, really try. Commit to making a positive change in your life and stick with it. Once that thing becomes a habit and you start to just do it without thinking about it, start another thing.


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