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‘Regular’ Kid- Alex!

Part of the reason I created Launch Young Adults was because I felt there wasn’t a voice or positive representation of the ‘regular’ kids/teens/young adults. Not one place to turn if you are an average American teen or young adult, for help, or to see someone who shared your experience. It always seemed as though as long as you had a stigma or fit a certain group, help was readily available. If you are/were

  • High Risk

  • Low Income

  • Teen Mom

  • Drug or Alcohol Addict

  • Child of a parent in jail, deceased, or serving in the Armed Forces

  • etc.

There seemed to be programs, funding, and centers to help you, and rightly so, there should be. And for those from families above a certain income level, you could afford to get any help you needed or desired.

But what about the ‘regulars’, the ‘average’, the ‘normal’, or any other name I’ve heard them referred as? What if you grow up or grew up in a loving home where one or both parents worked, you had an ordinary childhood, attended and graduated high school, went on to college, or didn’t have the money for school? What if you had a business idea but your parents were already stretched thin trying to keep bills paid and juggle practices, rehearsals, and their own lives? Where do you turn for help? What’s your resource?

To me, it seemed as though you were left to figure out life on your own. While there’s nothing wrong with paving your own way, I thought it’d be nice to have an organization that existed, simply to fill in the gaps or what schooling and formal education didn’t teach, but that the ‘real world’ required you to know, to succeed.

So, in an effort to start putting faces to the ‘regular’ kids, we’ve started a new series of ‘story style’ videos. First up is Alex and his story of his unconventional high school experience. We invite you to subscribe to Launch Young Adults on YouTube, and check out Alex’s story Here


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