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It costs too much


$ We like it $ We hate not having it $

I beg you though, try, with all your might, to only spend money you currently have.


Borrowing is future money. Borrowing is when you rely on repaying with money you plan or hope to have in the future.

Cash is King! By that I mean, cash should rule. If you don’t currently have the cash for it, either in your hand or in your checking account, wait until you do.

You’d be surprised by how many things can just wait, no matter how bad you want them. If you can’t get it off your mind, work hard and be disciplined enough to save up for it.

No credit cards, no loans, no borrowing from your little sister to pay back your mom.

There’s few things worse than owing someone money. Whether it’s someone you know or a bank, it sucks.


DEFINITELY not credit cards. Don’t even allow credit cards to be an option. Credit cards are money you borrow from a credit card bank, then you pay them back little by little but while you only borrow $100, they charge you interest fees, late fees, membership fees, over limit fees, and so on. It’s not worth it. Whatever you need the $100 for, save the money and pay for it with your own money. You pay them back way more money than you ever borrowed.

If you want to build your credit, there are better and smarter ways.

Debt stinks.

Disclaimer: There may be times when a loan is necessary (college education, buying a home, etc.) or can’t be avoided, but those should be the only exceptions. And even then, make sure you are fighting for a good interest rate, and making big payments on them.


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