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Mind Changes are OK

Some people tend to believe that there are only a certain amount of paths in life, a set-in-stone way of doing things, that things that are new to them must not be good since they’ve never done it or even heard of it. 

I know how it is to have a brain full of ideas, a bunch of things you want to do, to try, to become, and I see nothing wrong with trying them all. After all, you can always change your mind.change_mind

Try new things. 

Finding your passion is a process of elimination sometimes. There may be a number of things you like to do, want to try, or find appealing. Try them all. It’s not a waste of time to try something and then decide it’s not what you thought it was or you soon discover that you get no joy from it.

How else will you know unless you try?

When you’re a teen or young adult, it’s the best time in life to try things. You can usually change your mind without any major repercussions, most of you don’t have a spouse or kids relying on you and any time you invest into something is your own

But, recognize that there’s a big difference between the person who changes their mind about what they want to do every month because they tried it and found no joy or peace with it. And the person who quits everything they start because they’re afraid to fail, too lazy to dedicate to the time or work, or it’s too hard and takes to long to see the results. Those people are pansies

But seriously, changing your mind is ok. Your goal is to find what you enjoy, whether it’s a major in school, a career, an instrument, etc. Change is goodChanging-Your-Mind-Komodo-Music-DJs-Perth


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