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Lead Greatly

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 9.28.39 PMYou’re never too young to lead. You’re never too old, either.

Don’t be fooled though, you probably shouldn’t call yourself a leader if you turn and realize that no one is following you or walking beside you.

Leaders come in all sizes and dynamics. You can be the leader of a household, a team, a group of people at work, you can even lead other leaders.

I remember having teachers and mentors who were great motivators, they were very encouraging,  extremely supportive, and were always kind enough to express how much they believed in me and my peers. That was great and I am very grateful for them, sometimes all you need is an encouraging word or to know that someone sees something great or greater in you.

Other times though, I remember wanting, not so much a cheerleader or supporting cast, but a director, an instructor, someone to help me pull all the great things other people saw within me, out of me.

I don’t think I have found one of those yet and maybe I no longer need one, but I know for those who look to me for help, advice, and encouragement, I’d like to be able to offer them the best of both worlds.

I think about my little cousin, who at age 8 was helping my mom learn to work her new phone. She was such a patient and encouraging teacher and at the same time she was an instructor, she showed her what to do then had my mom try it on her own. She never once doubted that my mom would get the hang of it and just say forget it, like I would have, and just bought her one of those phones that only has like 4 buttons. It was funny and adorable. Whether you lead by doing  something simple like showing someone how to use their phone, edit a video, or learn an instrument, or something greater like helping another person discover how to use their gifts, or how to stand up for themselves, or how to reach their potential, greatly lead.


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