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giving-thanks-quotes-e1351435196193One year ago today I decided to start a blog.

I had just begun the legal paperwork to establish a nonprofit organization for teens and young adults and in the meantime I wanted to create a space where open and honest discussion and conversation could occur. I coupled that desire with my natural passion for writing and created this firstlaunch blog. The intention was to use it as a beta testing ground for the kind of things ambitious teens and young adults wanted to discuss and to find out what was on their minds.

Throughout the year, it became a fun, motivational, and inspiring blog that expressed things I’d heard, seen, or experienced and wished someone had talked to me about when I was a teen.

I have debated whether I wanted to continue blogging here as I have become more aware of alternative ways to support, to give advice, and to help. I have decided to continue the blog but to make some slight changes and increase the presence and availability of myself and Launch Young Adults in other ways.

But, I wanted to take this opportunity  to say:

Thank you!

Thank you for stopping by, for liking, for commenting, for reading, for following, and for texting or emailing me in support. For those of you I know and those I don’t, I am truly grateful. It is one thing to write with the hope that at least one person reads or uses what you have offered. It is extremely encouraging and motivating when people take the time to tell you that they’ve taken something you’ve said and applied it to their lives.

I leave you with our latest project, Blogeos– turning posts previously written on this blog into short motivational, inspirational, and informative videos. You can check them out on Youtube soon. The ‘test video’ is current on Vimeo here.

Launch Young Adults is a privately funded nonprofit organization. The purpose of LAUNCH is to serve and support high-potential and ambitious teens and young adults who have a desire to reach their potential and succeed in reaching their goals and realizing their dreams. If you would like to be a part of LAUNCH, or you know a teen or young adult who may need help starting a business, applying for school, finding a job, anything, please feel free to check out the LAUNCH website here, follow us on Tumblr here, Facebook here, Pinterest here, Twitter here, Instagram here, or to email

Thank you again.

Here’s to year two.


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