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Give it a shot

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 9.48.16 PMHave you ever stopped to think before you spoke and were so grateful you did?

Have you ever failed to think before you spoke and regretted it?

I’ve done both.

I encourage you to do more of the first, it will save you a lot of regret, embarrassment, and may save others some pain. I also encourage you to engage your brain. Think before you speak or act and open your mind up to new things.

Have you ever started a new school, new job, moved to a new neighborhood, tried a new restaurant, and you see new things, new people, different from anything you’d ever experienced? Maybe you decided who you would like and who you wouldn’t before you even found out who they were or what they were like. You declare things as not good enough, mainly because it’s new to you, or you determine what you aren’t willing to try because really, you’re afraid. Give things a shot.



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