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This is my sister.Asian-Teen-dreamstimefree_10262921

That’s a lie.

This, however, is my

that too is a lie.


You don’t know me, so you are far more inclined to take me at my word and believe what I say. However, because I just lied twice, whatever I say next, you may question its validity. That’s how the people you lie to feel.

the-worst-part-about-being-lied-to1What I have done, even if jokingly so, is I have eroded your trust. “A lie is anything that erodes a person’s ability to trust you.” I know I’ve said that on here before somewhere. It still rings true. No one likes being lied to and no one will fully put their trust in you again once you cheat, deceive, or lie to them

A lie is a lie

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