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Every generation thinks their music is the best to ever have been done. Every generation prior, thinks the music of today is garbage. I am a fence-straddler, well, let’s just say I understand both sides.

The styles change, the content changes, but every song sang (in English) uses the same English language. Do longer words make music prolific, and does prolificacy equate to superiority?

Few things in the world divide and evoke such passion from people as music (politics, religion, money, music- in no particular order). I’m not sure why. There’s enough for everyone. Plenty to share. After all, good and bad are subjective.11438justin-timberlake-musician-quote-teen-pop-will-never-die-as-long-asquotes-27100064422941028720_oi0oZDma_c

See, everyone’s got an opinion and no one’s right.

Well, except this guy, he got it right.

tumblr_m7mo4cdxp81qlr9gxo1_500Music is an expression of soul.

The soul of the composer who masterminds the sound.

The soul of the songwriter who writes it all down.

The soul of the singer who proclaims it aloud.

The soul of the audience who sing along as a crowd.

Wherever your soul currently is, there will your music be also.

Tomorrow, you may find it on the other side of the fence and that’s ok. Plug in there.

Just enjoy it.

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