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I dare you to fail


That’s not a challenge to prove that you can fail.

It’s more of challenge to prove that you aren’t afraid to try or to fail.

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I was listening to some new music today and I was thinking about the artist whose journey brought him to the point where, what he’d once dreamt of and worked hard for has now found his words being spoken into my ears.

How many times did he fail? How many days did he just say ‘forget it’ and take the easy road, one of fruitless employment, unfulfilling relationships, soothing and comfort in food, drugs, alcohol, etc. I don’t know if those were ever things this artist faced, but I know others many do.

No one ever starts out with the goal of failing. Failing is something people go to great extents to avoid. It isn’t fun, it never feels good, and it CAN be defeating. Of course, there’s the other side of the coin, failure teaches and offers opportunities for change and growth.

576646_430445216974511_779505927_nI dare you to be brave enough to fail. Your dreams, your goals, the life you want for yourself is going to require work. It will be tough, it may take a while, but it will be worth it. You won’t die in the process, so there’s no excuse.

Cowards make excuses.


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