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No Scrubs

TLC lives on.

I heard two people say ‘no scrubs’ yesterday.

The group TLC had their

220px-Tlc-noscubs2definition of the word ‘scrub‘, but people have used it to define many other types of people since then. That song was the ‘No New Friends’ of the 90’s.

For the sake of this post, a scrub is a person who you once called a friend but when times got tough or you weren’t able to do for them anymore, they got ghost. Yes, got ghost.

Fair weather friends, the type of people who are by your side or who support you when things are easy, going well, or when it’s convenient.

But when the road gets tough, the money gets tight, life get complicated, or they find something better, they move on. Meanwhile, you’re left standing there wondering what the heck happened. You thought ya’ll were cool. You thought they’d always be there for you, you knew you’d be there for them.

Sometimes, a persons’ true character is shown when you can no longer benefit them or when they think you may need something them.

One of the best things about going through hard times is it shows you who you can REALLY count on.

Don’t be surprised if those same scrubs reappear once you get your stuff together and everything is going well for you again. Choose wisely how close you let them back in, if at all.

It’s one thing to have a friend who may not know how to console, comfort, or help you when you need it and they become standoffish. It’s a whole other ballgame when that ‘friend’ never even offers, doesn’t return a call or text, or just straight disappears until they catch wind of you being back on your feet.

Here’s to the hard times that show us who we can count on and who we can count on to run.

Your life should be a scrub free zone.

(P.S. This may be the most grammatically incorrect post I’ve ever written, but I like it.)


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