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Choose Kind Words

lovely_quote_by_jlgm25-d2xoz9pWords have so much power, that’s why I love them. Well, I mean words are just letters which are just sounds that someone made up, but you know what I mean.

Of all the great and positive things people have said to me throughout my life, I can still very clearly remember the things said to or about me that weren’t so nice, were untrue, and were hurtful.

It’s a strange thing that we often choose to give more attention to or remember clearer the ‘bad’ things.

If you are a person who believes the mean, hurtful, or untrue things people have said to you or about you, please stop.

If you are the person who is doing the speaking of those unhelpful words, please stop.

Choose kind words.

I’ve spoken on this before, but do you ever notice comments from people on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube that are just uncalled for and malicious? Usually left by a follower who has never met the person who posted it? It is comical to me but to me it’s sad.

Sad, because it says so much to me about the commenter, they are most likely projecting some negative thought or feeling they have of themselves, maybe because someone said it to them and hurt them.

Words and the feelings and emotions that accompany them are contagiousstash-63-504e981ccdf68

Check your self-talk. Your inner voice molding doesn’t end at childhood. Watch what you say to yourself, what you call yourself, and what you choose to believe and focus on. If it hurts, but it is in fact true, (like that you are impatient or have bad breath) work to fix those things. If, however, you are called dumb or even tell yourself you are dumb, immediately tell yourself the truth. While you may have done something that wasn’t very smart, the action was dumb, you, the person aren’t.

Speak to yourself and others in a way that will help them grow and will build them up. If there’s nothing kind to be said, say nothing.


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