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Try, Try Again

quote_by_leudrita-d464tdkI will be the first to admit that the toughest part of living your dream is the decision to start and sometimes, to start again.

Someone told me once that perfectionists avoid starting things because they aren’t certain they can finish it perfectly.

the_art_of_the_start I read this book once called The Art of the Start and I’ve learned to start, especially if it doesn’t cost me anything to try, start. The first attempt doesn’t have to be perfect. If it doesn’t work, I know what not to do the next time. You hear stories all the time of people who seem like they just popped on the scene or had overnight success. The fact is, they probably invested years trying and trying again, being frustrated, quitting, and returning to it.

If you have a goal or dream and it consumes your mind, keep at it. And if you’ve already tried, decide to try again. It only works if you work it.wpid-31666003600278724_nxnZZY6G_f.jpeg


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