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wpid-Screenshot_2013-01-12-02-04-57.pngDo you ever read the comments people post beneath tweets, Instagram pictures, or online articles?

Sometimes they are informative, comical, and encouraging.

Sometimes however, they are rude, mean, and downright attempts to be hurtful. People talk really ‘tough’ online and via social media, and usually to people they have never met. Some people do it for attention, some do it to gain ‘followers’, ‘likes’, or just plain attention. Whatever the reason, it does not change truth. What you say, reflects on you more than it ever does the person you’re speaking ill of. If all you can find to say are mean, rude, or hurtful things, stop before you press post and think about the source of your comments. Is there something in your own life you need to address and not project on others?


  • You become what you fear.

  • Hurt people, hurt people.

  • You create your own experience.

Everyone has things they don’t like, even people they don’t care for and for valid reasons. But what if you decided to focus more on the things you do enjoy, people you do like; using your time and energy for the good of uplifting or supporting and leaving the other stuff to the simpletons? What you chose to say or comment on would say a lot about you, but what you chose NOT to, would say a lot more about the person you are (or at least are striving to become).


Check Your Reflection

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