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Did you know that you can eat three meals a day and yet be malnourished? Say it ain’t so.

For many of us the word malnutrition conjures images of small children in third world countries. While that is an accurate example of what a lack of nutrition is or does, that example is usually the result of lack of access.

For those of us blessed with the access and money, malnutrition is likely the result of failure to eat a variety of foods and foods that contain the nutrients and minerals we need.

One of the best ways to ensure you are nourishing and not just eating is to

eat a rainbow

Eat all natural foods, in a variety of colors.

Try a handful of blueberries instead of a cup of blue kool-aid, a red apple and not red licorice, some green beans and skip the… idk everything green sounded gross. You get the idea.

Eat a balanced, natural, colorful assortment. Skittles don’t count.




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