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I’m moving next week. Bittersweet.

Six years ago I moved to Arizona in hopes of getting help with starting my nonprofit organization and while it didn’t come the way I thought it would, I got the help I needed and LAUNCH Young Adults is an official nonprofit organization now.


I do not know how the next chapter of my life will look and that brings mostly excitement. However, like all things in life, the choice is mine. I get to decide my attitude about this and I get to choose positive thoughts.

I will miss Arizona and will be back often to visit but I know that sometimes growth and progress require a physical action, a doing. When I moved to AZ I left my comfort zone, my entire family, and the only coast I’d ever known.

Now, I am stronger, more knowledgable, and more aware than ever. I have great hopes for my life, as I do for yours, and I know that to live a life we can be proud of, we have to do. Not just talk, plan, wish, pray, or hope, but do.



Many things in life have no magic cure: impatience, rudeness, failure, etc. In order to gain patience, you have to be patient. To avoid being rude, choose to be nice, (even if it’s painful). To succeed, you have to grow, change, be willing to power through the tough times, do.



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