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I have always liked this quote/poem. After injuring my leg last week I have often had to


remind myself of it. I never had the blues, I can honestly say I was just in disbelief.

Either way, each difficult step, each attempt to stand or get into a car was a vivid reminder of all the people who live with disabilities and handicaps (seen or unseen) daily.


Sometimes we handicap ourselves. I know I have. We may not inflict physical pain or sustain an injury, but, to borrow an exact dictionary definition:

Handicap– any disadvantage that makes success more difficult.

What are the self-inflicted handicaps that make success more difficult for you? Insecurities, refusal to let go of the past, fear, self-hate, laziness, doubt? Whatever it is, actively work on fixing them. Success is difficult enough to attain, no sense adding to it. Don’t tie your own hands behind your back, or impede your own progress.533123_4510829532658_746933150_n2-300x300


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