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laziness-is-a-skill-34Quotes over backdrops are all the rage. I mean this blog would be pretty black and white without them.

However, this is exactly how I feel today.

Random. Blah. Whatever. Who cares.

So, why bother blogging on a blah day? Why say anything if I have nothing inspirational, motivational, informative, or even comical to say or offer to the world?

Well, because it’s my blog and I WANT TO. And someone else is having a blah day too. So, this is for us.

I am a bit of a brat. I am stubborn.

I am hardheaded.

I am kind and I have a smart mouth. 

I am giving and caring and sarcastic.

I love kids and I hate babysitting.

I love working with teenagers because they are simple, they do and say stupid things sometimes just like me

I hate small talk, because, it’s small.

I enjoy silence or presence, I don’t need every moment filled with noise.

I love writing but I hate seeing my handwriting. 

I love blogging but I hate having to choose my words carefully.

I hate being unhealthy but I don’t always like eating right or exercising.  

I hate taking showers…there’s no but. I simply hate showering. 

I have no desire to see things from others’ perspectives all the time. 

That is all. 

Happy Blah Thursday :-/

Blah. Blah. Blah.

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