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You vs. You

Monday evening I was finishing a writing project and The Biggest Loser finale was on in the background.

Listening to the show got me to thinking about competition and how the fight against yourself is sometimes the toughest.

A few minutes later, during a writing and commercial break I saw this quote on my peanut-head little sister’s Instagram page.

Screenshot_2013-03-18-20-21-00-1On the show, as they ran back through each person’s stories, there seemed to be a pattern… physical struggle, mental breakdown,  breakthrough, and then a moment of clarity and determination.


Sometimes you fight against yourself, your own mind, your own body, your own laziness, your own poor choices. You’re sometimes your own worst enemy.

Other times, you are your greatest competition. You improve your own performance, run farther, work out harder, challenge yourself, push yourself, and overcome your own thoughts.

One is destructive and the other constructive.

Choose the orange one.


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