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Growing Pains

I started a 21-day squat challenge.

max_squat_extreme_figurine_1My hamstrings and backside are sore.

It’s the good kind of ache. You know the pain that tells you that whatever new and different thing you’re doing is good for you. 


The soreness from building a new muscle.

I remember when I was younger, I would lay in bed and my legs would ache. The doctor told me once that they were growing pains. (Have you ever seen that show?) I assume she was right since I grew to be 6′ tall.

This time the muscle I’m building or strengthening  is physical.  

But sometimes we experience pain, ache, and challenges when we build our patience muscle, our kindness muscle, our willpower muscle, our bravery muscle, our forgiveness muscle, you see what I’m getting at right?

The more you exercise (use) it, the stronger it grows.

As the saying goes, ‘it doesn’t get easier, you get better at it’ .

Don’t be mad at the pain, be happy about the new strength.  

The growing pains don’t last.

i love running Seriously.


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