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Learn and Keep Learning

wpid-100838479126639308_UXKSv8V9_f.jpeg Learning doesn’t begin or end in a classroom

I have always loved to learn.

Opportunities to expand your mind are available everywhere. Take advantage of them, learn from them and apply what you’ve learned.

There’s no use having a head full of knowledge if you fail to share it, use it, or employ it. 6a00d83451b64669e200e553c2fee58834-450wi

I recently started some open source classes in areas of interest to me. 

I fixed my aunt and uncle’s garbage disposal and built my website from kind people on YouTube who shared their expertise.

I attended a symposium online.

I found my dream job available, in Sweden, just by helping a guy write a bio about himself. 

Learning and opportunities are everywhere and are often free.

Never stop learning. 
imagesTo check out one of the most enlightening TED talks ever, click here for Sir Ken Robinson.

And stay tuned for my trip to Sweden crowd funding campaign. 🙂


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