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If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times. 

“Have faith that things will work out.”

“Just believe in yourself.”

Believing in you and stepping out on faith sound easy, but they don’t always  feel easy.

When things don’t work out, when tough times come, when you feel alone, when you have little or no hope, when nothing seems to go your way, faith and belief seem like just words.

Words that offer you no comfort.

Words that don’t solve your problems.  

As cliché and  conflicting as this is going to sound, DO IT ANYWAY!

Dig deep, find that tiny, microscopic inner bit of faith, belief, and hope you have in yourself, in other people, in whomever  you pray to and hold onto that.


That little tiny speck is what keeps you alive, keeps you driving, pushing, trying.Treat it like a kindling fire and feed it, get some air under it and let it burn and grow.

That tiny fire is what sets you apart from those with no fire or those who let theirs burn completely out. 


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