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55450639132445857_bJadcQBk_cFailing ain’t Fun.

Yup, AIN’T.

It feels terrible to try and not ‘succeed’.

That doesn’t mean you can’t start again though.

Failing at something can be discouraging. It can make you feel like you’ll never succeed at anything and it can cause you to doubt yourself and your abilities… but, only if you LET it.


I was watching a little girl ride her bike yesterday and she fell a couple of times and her younger sister asked “Why do you keep falling?” Without skipping a beat, the older sister simply said, “I’m still learning.”

That little girl and her honest and innocent answer put me right in my place.

She understood the learning curve that sometimes happens (and is sometimes necessary).

She didn’t kick the bike, walk off, and swear to never ride again, not even when she scraped her knee.

She simply assessed the damage, recognized what caused her crash, and got back on the bike.Ā Thanks Princesstard.

When you ‘fail’, (and I add the quotes because sometimes things that seem like failures in the moment don’t turn out being such) you learn, you toughen up.


When you get back up and try again, you inspire.

So, get back on the bike. Do great work. Fail, and try again. We need you to succeed. The world is waiting on you.


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