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People always thank me for being there for them, for helping them, for being a good friend.tumblr_mhdkafSWTC1rwsmexo1_1280

I never quite know how to respond because I don’t feel like I’ve really done anything to warrant thanks.

Then, someone explained it to me.

It’s not so much that I solve their problems, but that I am available, understanding, and non-judgemental.

I had no clue that 1. There were ‘friends’ who didn’t do that and 2. That it mattered so much to people.

It just kind of always made sense to me; no one wants their faults, weaknesses, or mistakes thrown in their face or their actions judged.


I don’t even like thinking about the mistakes I’ve made, I can’t imagine allowing someone in my life who does it for me.

So, do a character check. Are you that friend?

It’s one thing to show someone the error of their ways and to help them so they don’t make the same mistake again.

It’s a whole other ballgame to make them feel bad, judge them, or constantly bring it up.

Be a friend who encourages, uplifts, and who tells the truth but out of and with Love.

There are enough people in the world who will judge you. No one wants a friend who does the same.



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