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Did you watch the Grammy’s yesterday?


I enjoy learning about a band or an artist I’d never heard of when watching award shows.

Every genre has gifts to offer.

Music is so powerful.

An art that sometimes speak for you when you don’t have the words, expresses emotions you didn’t know you had, and evokes feelings you just need to release.

This is a headphone generation.


An earphone culture.

Not just for teens or young adults, but for people of all ages.

It’s a very telling fact.

We all need the moments of getaway or tuning in, whichever way you use music.


  • Free therapy

  • Carefree listening

  • Solitary expression

Our parents think theirs was better and we will think our kids’ music stinks.

Whatever the reason, the artist, the genre, the time or place you choose to listen to it, enjoy it.


Even the coolest Sponge around likes to snap along to some tunes.


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