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See this guy… images-10

His name is Jeff Henderson.

He’s a Chef.

Chef Jeff is also an author, a host on the Food Network, and a motivational speaker.

mug200-1c62efacb4c63aa4581271a6a1514e4f860837eb-s3See this guy…

His name is Jeff Henderson

He’s a felon.

Jeff Henderson was convicted of conspiracy with the intent to distribute (drugs).

Same person, but what seems like two different lives.

Jeff Henderson got into a lot of trouble early in life. He stole, he sold drugs, he was stabbed in the chest, and he spent almost 10 years in prison.

Chef Jeff was named the 2001 Las Vegas Chef of the Year, he was the first African-American Chef de Cuisine at Caesars Palace, and in 2007 his book, Cooked allowed him to be a guest on numerous shows, including Oprah.

So, how does one man, who made a boatload of mistakes and bad choices and who broke numerous laws, spent years in jail, and survived a collapsed lung turn his life around and become a renowned and successful Chef?


Jeff Henderson chose to turn his time in jail into a learning experience. He read books, talked to inmates who were business men, and studied the art of cooking from another fellow inmate. Upon his release from jail he chose to seek employment with a Chef he’d read about while in prison and he did the hard work to prove himself, improve his skill, and overcome his criminal past and record. 4f354d4caff18.preview-300

You can read more about him here, but the point is, a bad decision, a flawed upbringing, academic problems, just about anything can be turned around and overcome. Jeff Henderson did more than just add a title to his name.

You must first choose and decide that you want better and then be willing to do the work to turn things around. Yes, it is easier said than done, but it is worth it.

Have you ever seen the show SCRUBS? The other day I heard one of the most honest lines I’d ever heard on it…

“Life is scary get used to it. There are no magical fixes so get up off your keister (butt)…and go start doing the work.”


Do the Work

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  1. Taiylor ⋅

    WOW!!! This is really amazing! I would have never known this about him!!! This is really encouraging!

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