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*Climbs on Soapbox*


Have your parents ever sat you down and talked to you about putting your left sock on before your right sock?

Have you ever been taught in school or church to be wise about which side you part your hair on?

Nope. Because those things aren’t important. There’s no life-altering consequence to those things. They don’t matter.

I don’t know of any other word or topic that parents flee from when the “Where do babies come from?” question comes up at around age 6 but then they want talk almost non-stop about it around age 16.

We’ve all heard and know the consequences of unprotected sex and oral sex- Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and (unwanted) pregnancy.

What about the emotional consequences?

For girls and guys (don’t think guys don’t catch feelings, get heart-broken, have low self-esteem, etc.)

This topic will be an ongoing one so that this post doesn’t turn into a book.

But for now, I leave you with this…

sex is not love

Oh, and this…

Lyrics from a song called S.E.X. by an artist named ‘Lyfe’: 

“…They just want relations, they don’t want relationship. Welcome to the real world

Take a deep breath and think before you let it go

You say that you’re not ready for sex, but you’re in love
He says if you’d really loved him, you would give it up
Mama says that’s just a line guys use to get ya stuff
Which one will you trust?

See he’ll tell you all kind of things to get in your pants,
It’s a fact, that once it’s gone you’ll never get it back 
Hold on, to your innocence
Use your common sense
You’re worth waiting for
Be strong
Honey don’t give in
Blessings come with patience”

*Exits Soapbox*

SEX Pt. 1

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